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"Most people who come to see me are frustrated and confused because of the conflicting information they receive on aging and weight loss. There is no such thing as a magic pill to lose weight. The real success comes from changing the way you eat, think, act, live and move. The “At Home Wellness” DVDs, plus the one-of-a-kind treatment guides for weight loss we provide, can bring about the changes to truly create a Mind, Body & Spirit transformation."


Meet Dr. Colbert

• Dr. Colbert has been a Board Certified Physician for over 30 years

• Specializes in Integrative and Anti-Aging Medicine 

• Medical Director of Divine Health Wellness Center Florida & Texas 

• Treated over 40,000 patients 

• New York Times Best Selling Author

Choose Dr. Colbert’s MBS 360 Weight Management Formula

 • 2 Scientifically Proven Ingredients

 • Promotes Body Fat Loss

 • Helps to Control Appetite

 • Boosts Metabolism

 • Works on Leptin Resistance 

Caffeine Free Green Tea

African Mango Extract

Dr. Colbert specifically created this unique formula, combining these two powerful ingredients in just one product, and you will not find this product anywhere but here.

This offer also includes Dr. Colbert's At-Home Wellness Program For Weight Loss Video

Learn How To Lose Weight

 And Keep It Off!


Choose Dr. Colbert’ Specially Formulated

Skin and Joint Formula.

• Clinically Studied Patented Proprietary Ingredient 

• Helps Maintain Healthy Level of Hyaluronic Acid 

• Supports healthy skin texture 

• Reduces Joint Stiffness & Increases Mobility 

• Helps to reduce collagen breakdown

A recent study showed it protects and helps with recovery of musculoskeletal tissue during activity. 

This offer also includes Dr. Colbert's acclaimed video: "Five Keys to Restore Your Health"

Learn how to restore your GI tract, the importance of detox and supporting the liver, restoring normal adrenal functions, correcting your diet and balancing your hormones.

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Weight Management Formula 

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Skin and Joint Formula

Plus Five Keys To Restore Your Health DVD If you’re among the first 500 responders.

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“I’ve trained professional athletes such as Tim Tebow, some WWE wrestlers, so I definitely recommend Doctor Colbert’s products for the athletes or for the general population. They’re good quality products that are gonna give you that sustained energy throughout the day. I take Dr. Colbert’s products every single day”


DI Orlando Facility Coordinator, Former Quick Guard, Baylor University, Trains Pro Athletes, including Tim Tebow

“Ever since I started taking Doctor Colbert’s nutrient I feel so much stronger and faster and I actually feel like I can run farther also. Four or five days after I started taking it, I ran a race and ended up running the fastest time I’ve run in a year. I feel stronger, more powerful”


DI Orlando Strength & Speed Coach, Marathon Runner

“Incorporating his supplements with a good diet just made a world of difference with how I felt everyday. I know I can trust Doctor Colbert, I know he’s knowledgeable; he does the research on every product. That is what I use. I count on Doctor Colbert, I rely upon him”


Ms. Florida, Over 40, Bodybuilder

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Green Tea and Irvingia you have in your Weight Management formula different? 

A: The GREENSELECT PHYTOSOME is a proprietary caffeine free catechin extract from green tea formulated with PHYTOSOME technology. Green tea consumption has been additionally linked to lower body fat. This ingredient is double standardization in EGCG and tea catechins with more than 2-fold increase in oral bio-availability compared to non-PHYTOSOME formulation with proven capacity in humans. The study on this ingredient showed 60% better absorption of EGCG than you absorb if you were to drink the tea.

WellTrim IGOB131 is a highly effective weight management nutraceutical ingredient that acts through multiple mechanisms of action. It has been shown to promote body fat loss, help control appetite and boost metabolism. There are many cheap powders on the market and they are not the same as this clinically studied ingredient. Irvingia seed extract works on leptin, the hormone that tells your brain you are satisfied. Leptin is a cell-signaling hormone vital in the regulation of appetite, food intake and body weight.

Q: What is the difference between your formulas and others on the market?

A: The MBS360™ supplements are produced in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities, and every raw ingredient is tested prior to mixing. Dr. Colbert has used, and continues to use these nutrients in his practice. He also formulated these products by reviewing the studies and making sure that the amount of each nutrient matched the study showing the ingredient benefits.

Q: What makes your Skin & Joint Formula special?

A: Skin health starts from the inside out. Many people are putting on all types of creams and lotions which sit on the face and do not get absorbed. Our formula contains Biocell hydrolyzed type II collagen a patented, proprietary ingredient that provides significant absorption and bioavailability proven by a clinical study. Studies show that this Formula can help maintain a healthy level of hyaluronic acid, reduce joint stiffness, and increase mobility. Recent studies also implicate this ingredient aids in the protection and recovery of musculoskeletal tissue during sports activity. Also, this formula contains whole pomegranate fruit extract, which helps reduce collagen breakdown in skin. When you lose collagen, the signs of skin and aging appear in the form of wrinkles and loose skin. MBS360™ Skin &&Joint Formula formulated by Dr. Colbert is a dual action product and one he uses every day.

Q: Are there any side effects from these supplements?

A: There are no known side effects that we are aware of.

Q: Does the Company follow Good Manufacturing Practices and have a quality control system to determine if the product actually contains what is on the label?

A: Yes, we have developed a team to ensure 100% of the ingredients on the label are in their truest forms in the system. 

“When I got on Doctor Colbert’s program, he gave me hope for the very first time. Joy has come back in my life. That is right there, immeasurable and priceless. The health that I’ve gotten, I have more energy, I feel great. I’m not invisible anymore, when I walk in a room people notice. I have more energy and I feel great.”


Patient of Dr. Colbert

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